1 year old pit boxer mix. (Hampton)

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This is Milo, he is a 1 year old pitbull boxer mix. My apartment is being completely renovated (office orders not my own) and we are having to stay in a hotel for awhile. I have no one to take Milo and there is weight and breed restrictions in the hotel the apartment complex is willing to pay for.
Milo is extremely sweet, but very protective over his family. A slow introduction to you is required. He is scared of new people. I am not sure what happened to him in the beginning of his life but he’s always been wary of new humans. He’s a VERY good judge of character. He needs someone who has a yard. He is GREAT with other dogs. He is good with cats too once he’s lost interest, cause he does chase them a bit but NEVER been aggressive towards another animal. He’s good with kids too, he’s been around them for majority of his life i just would recommend older kids just simply because he doesn’t realize his size especially when those zoomies kick in.
Again, he is scared of people and i need someone who is willing to have a slow introduction to him. Once he knows you, and that’s you’re good for him, (VERY FOOD DRIVEN) he’s AMAZING. He sleeps in his own dog bed at night and has a little routine.
I am afraid if i bring him to the SPCA they will put him down. I am 10000% open to rescues. I am 10000% opens to trial and error run and if it doesn’t work you bring him back to me. Please feel free to text me on the number provided. My names Savannah.

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