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Hello! Why not support a person that CARES for their rabbits? Better than supporting animal abusers who will lock their rabbits in tiny cages and never litter train or exercise them, here in my “rabbitry” we care about our rabbits as individuals not some sorta “stock” like these abusers! We provide a LOT of space for them (usually linking 2-3 or more pens together to make the space against a wall so equal space to a large living room or a small bedroom!) we feed our babies veggies and pellets so very easy to wean them off of pellets when they get older! Reserve them now as they will probably be gone extremely fast and I usually forget to update the posts I make in case some bunny is already reserved/bought!

I have 3 baby bunnies/rabbits that need to be rehomed!
Males- $100 each
Females- $150 each
Father is a double mane Lionhead no pedigree however parents for him is confirmed lionheads
Mother is a magpie dominant satin angora she has her pedigree papers
(Pedigree can be provided for an extra $20 digital format or printed can be provided must let me know in advance!)
Mother is 7+ pounds! These breeds of angoras can reach 9 pounds maximum!!! Please be aware of that! These guys need a lot of extra care and research daily grooming etc!

Now to get into more detail about our little babies!

Like a chilled laid back baby? Try void! Void is our pure black with tiny white paw markings will produce gorgeous long soft solid black wool! And when we say soft we mean SOFT like faux fur rug/blanket that u just can’t stop touching soft! He’s very active and funny but he doesn’t like being petted much and will prefer to just hang out “bro”! He always follows me around the pen as I’m doing chores he’s also the biggest baby of the bunch! If you haven’t caught on yet he’s a precious lil baby boy!

Want a bunny that melts in your palms at affection? Caramel is the one for you! She’s the sweetest baby girl I’ve ever interacted with and honestly it breaks me to have to rehome her but unfortunately that’s the course of life! She’s so sweet and affectionate gives kisses to all her siblings and parents and is all around joyful! She binkys and runs super fast and she loves when I make “pop” sounds at her and loves playing chase! As soon as you start petting her head she starts purring immediately! Very precious!

Lastly a bunny with an attitude but loves attention is Toffee!!! Toffee is our attitude showing baby but boy is he active! He does tons of zoomies and he seems to love showing his affection through pretending to ignore you until you pet him!

You may see a white and black bunny in the photos that’s chaos their sibling we had a group of 4 babies total however we are keeping her! How could we not?! They are incredibly soft and sweet and honestly it’s difficult to have to let them go but I want others to experience the joy of having these babies too!

The brothers seem to have a stronger bond than they do to the sisters so that’s something to keep in mind when thinking of purchasing these babies especially since rabbits are recommended to be kept in pairs!
They are 5 weeks old as of now and will be ready to go at 8-10 weeks (10 weeks is when we want to let them go!)

Worried about genders being confused? No need! These babies have already gotten their first vet check up at 4 weeks old! They are confirmed to be males and females HOWEVER we still STRONGLY suggest getting your babies neutered/spayed to prevent any behavioral issues or cancer/health complications! Ask your rabbit savvy vet for more information or research some cheap options in fixing ur pet!

These bunnies are used to our dog however new environments and new animals will still scare them so please take interactions slowly and please keep in mind that some dog breeds may become a threat to your rabbit! It’s always best to assess and think carefully if your dog will ignore or even love on a small animal before getting one!

Do not abandon your bunnies please! If you decide “hey I can’t take care of this bunny anymore” wether that be financial or personal reasons please let me know and I can take the baby back (no refunds and no questions asked I love these babies and don’t want them ending up in shelters or on the streets or in a cage)

We sell xpens as well with our rabbits if you’re interested please let me know in advance! However!!! I highly suggest searching on amazon or even going to Facebook marketplace to find used or new xpens! (Xpens are exercise pens for short!)
Cages will not be tolerated I’m sorry plus cages are more expensive than an xpen so why choose the more expensive option with less room?

Babies should be 60% if not more litter trained by the time they are rehomed! They are learning still and still make mistakes this will get better as time progresses and should fix 99% if you get them spayed/neutered!

Will update this post if there’s more information to add, if there’s ANY questions PLEASE contact me! I’d be more than happy to share whatever I know with you and help you on your decisions etc! Text only please! I might get back to emails late, and no need to worry about what time you text me I’ll get back to you as soon as I possibly can!

Update: toffee has been sold 3 babies available!

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