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Women, the bearers and transmitters of Culture (Degradation)

Re: Lauren Templeton.

99 Lauren Templeton (everyone interested) 99 (VB)

re:re:re:re:2nd chances - Bonafide guy (norfolk)

29 So sorry but most middle-school blacks are the worst!!!!! 29 (Portsmouth)

Re:getting it off your chest

30 just getting it off my chest 30

24 Re:re:re:re: 2nd chances - Bonafide guy 24 (Hampton roads) pic

Re: Re:re:2nd chances -Bonafide guy - 24 (Think. duh)

re: Ever Wonder Where All the Know-It-All Assholes Come From

From the 'If it looks too good to be true' Department (HERE AND SPAM FOLDERS)

24 Re:re:2nd chances -Bonafide guy 24 (Hampton roads) pic

nicole the bitch james


re: where's mother of five

Re: Cheating

99 True face of Islam 99 (PLANET EARTH) pic

51 hey mb the mouth at norfolk naval qed is a great company um suk 51 (norfolk)

34 Cheating 34

99 Why can't i get a decent job around here!! 99 (NORFOLK) pic

50 Advisory regarding Sperm Donations in Virginia 50 (All Over Virginia) pic

Yep im trailer park trash.

59 My interests 59 (Virginia Beach)

Ever Wonder Where All the Know-It-All Assholes Come From


Do you want a safe way to dispose of expired or unwanted medication? (Norfolk (DePaul Hospital))

99 Becky 99 (VB)

99 Re re: Lauren the herpes whore 99 (vb)

Where's Mother of Five

re:2nd chances - 36 (7 cities)

re: Ever wonder where all the old sayings came from? (Wonder no more.!

33 Re malorie M aids epidemic 33 (Here)

SCAM ALERT: (Hampton Roads Area)

Ever wonder where all the old sayings came from? (Wonder no more.!)

Re: Lauren the herpes whore (wherever)

need to change casual to prostitute encounters

re mallory (vaginal inf beach)

Gotta read this garbage....... (west africa)

You make me ashamed of myself

99 Lauren the herpes whore 99 (vb) pic

100 This is not a rant, nor a rave. This is a Thank You 100 (Virginia Beach VA)

27 Just curious 27

looking for chick with pineapple gernande pic


welfare fat bitch of chesapeake (chesapeake va)

RE:2nd chances (all over)

36 2nd chances 36 (7 cities)



PYFCO IS CORRUPT! (Football Field)

A deluge of flooding blood (Deservedly so) pic

19 Hearts all gone 19

I'll admit it

Re: I LOVE living off of the tax payers (KILLING the Goose) pic

why must men be so dumb

Compelling enough for INSOMNIACS (LATE NIGHT)

Wifey's gonna tell...nah nah nah naaaah naaaah (NOT Sentara Williamsburg)

Re: Re: Sentara Williamsburg Regional Medical Center Rants

38 Thesaurus-Loving Poster: you didn't get enough attention as a child 38 (Real World) pic

24 I want to work for my money.. 24 pic

Re: Vote For Women On November 4th! (Would that include)

Sentara williamsburg hospital (williamsburg) (Lost in space)

53 re:Sentara williamsburg hospital (williamsburg) 53 (BHO) pic

Sentara williamsburg hospital (williamsburg)

41 Re:, educated........ 41 (Norfolk)

41 RE:Ladies why do you talk so @#$% much? 41 (Norfolk)

Wahh plastic bags!! (Up shits creek)

58 Newport News/Hampton Police SUX 58 (VB)

30 RE: Donor 30 (VAB)

Betrayal SUCKS!!!

Married couple seeks donor (Norfolk)

MORE-educated, nice, courteous, polite...(yada,yada..) (Mental gymnastics)

27 Re: educated, nice, courteous, polite, hardworking...(yada,yada..) 27 (Chesapeake)

55 RE: DUMPING animals like trash 55 (HR) pic

Re: ..educated, nice, courteous, polite, hardworking...(yada,yada..) (Self-serving?) pic

99 Lauren Templeton (fattie) 99 (VB)

27 I can't seem to move on 27 (Chesapeake)

Re: venting my frustration- (Rebound)

venting my frustration (Hampton Roads)

Operatic Ranters to Perform Lyrics, Limericks in Songs (64-E&W, 95-N&S) pic

Just to get it off my chest (Norfolk)


56 Re Ref Hands up dont shoot 56

32 re:".....HANDS UP. DON'T SHOOT" 32

56 To person who corrected Bob the plumber 56

Fed: Under Obama, only the richest 10 percent saw incomes rise pic

72 Dumping ANIMALS like trash 72 (Chesapeake)

Thank you Obama White Unemployment 5.3% -- Black Unemployment 11.4% pic

The Obama's, I Knew They Had Both Lost Their Law License, But I Didn't pic

21 Norfolk Police DO Work 21 (Norfolk) pic

31 Hope you are a Honey. 31 (Virginia Beach Oceanfront) pic

Mike, why are you pissed off that I'm with someone else?

Is it safe to flush pain meds down the drain? (Norfolk)


re:rick the prick (loony bin)

60 RE: driving slow over bridges and in tunnels - 67 60

64 Rick Rick Rick !! 64

67 driving slow over bridges and in tunnels 67

You lost in court!!

99 re: Newport News/Hampton Police SUX - 58 (VB) 99 pic

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