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Fri 18 Jul

Jul 18 Racist whitey at it again-Like I told u-Starts the Racist tone, then (flags your response) pic

Jul 18 The purpose of religion today (Awakened)

Jul 18 Wow the economy must be better

Thu 17 Jul

Jul 17 Re; Re ought to do it (Awakened)


Jul 17 re: many face-Not true-Dumbfuck/racist whitey the same pic

Jul 17 Barack Obama has a lower favorability rating than George W Bush pic

Jul 17 Allan Corbett and Welfare Statistics

Jul 17 Racist whitey-A message from your homie (Are able to comply??lo) pic

Jul 17 Racist whitey-U took every damn thing-You want that too!! (Classic example!!!!) pic

Jul 17 Racist whitey-I know you heard this before!!lo pic

Jul 17 Racist whitey will discredit, deflect, etc, but will not call it what (is) pic

Jul 17 Racist whitey-This pic says it all (This may hurt a little) pic

Jul 17 Racist whitey-Here is a Public anouncement pic

Jul 17 Here comes Racist Blackie crawling out from the sewer

Jul 17 Again, this is a response to Racist whitey's post (A RESPONSE!!!) pic

Jul 17 RW starte the rant-Now he will discredit, flag or call it a meltdown. (RW posts racist tone posts daily!!lo) pic

Jul 17 Response to Racist whitey-Can u come up with ur own ideas (Nicknames)?

Jul 17 re: 21 wtf

Jul 17 You won't get a second chance.

42 Jul 17 re: asshole marines 42

Jul 17 Racist Blackie posts a few white criminals (va.)

23 Jul 17 re: Am I black if 14% of my DNA is from Sub Saharan Africa? 23

Wed 16 Jul

Jul 16 Am I black if 14% of my DNA is from Sub Saharan Africa?

Jul 16 Asshole marines (everywhere)

Jul 16 keep on flaggin'

Jul 16 RE: Racist whitey-Please, PLEASE shut the hell up

Jul 16 Racist Blackie is a COWARD and a FRAUD! pic

Jul 16 Obama worst president since WWII pic

39 Jul 16 can u recommend a child support attorney 39 (va beach)

Jul 16 Racist whitey wants a link-I provided the actual report- (Pug Nasty still bitching-Line 2) pic

Jul 16 Again, Racist whitey; SHUT THE HELL UP and STOP TELLING LIES!! pic

Jul 16 Racist blackie, will you please,PLEASE, shut the fuck up! (Blame Bush!) pic

Jul 16 Re: cl rnr ready for PRIME TIME

Jul 16 cl rnr ready for PRIME TIME

Jul 16 Mastermind Butthurt again. (holier than thou) pic

Jul 16 re: Huff Post- pic

Jul 16 Wikki- (Per your request) pic

Jul 16 Huff Post- (You asked.) pic

28 Jul 16 BLAME BUSH! 28 (Under a rock) pic

Jul 16 Re impeach

28 Jul 16 Cat.5 Chimpout 28 (R&R) pic

28 Jul 16 Get ready for 20+ posts from racist Blackie 28 (The library) pic

Jul 16 Re that ought to do it

Jul 16 re: Impeach Obama-Blacks/whites scared of,... pic

Tue 15 Jul

Jul 15 Racist whitey (aka Pig nasty) dumbfuck are the same

Jul 15 That ought to do it (Awakened)

Jul 15 Immigrations

24 Jul 15 I will once again be returning to HR and it's wonderful RnR 24 (The Out-of-Towner)

Jul 15 Re mastermind

39 Jul 15 typical aggression and superiority complex 39 (cracker haven)

Jul 15 Prof to awakened...flagged twice by flaggot

Jul 15 Impeachment

Jul 15 Dumfuk

Jul 15 How dumfuk got a last name

Jul 15 Impeach Obama NOW! pic

Jul 15 re: Racist whitey-Stop with the half truths

Jul 15 Racist whitey is dumfuk? Figures

Jul 15 Professor Mastermind (Awakened)

Jul 15 WOW OMG (the living)

Jul 15 Call George W Bush a liar if you want to, first watch this video

Mon 14 Jul

Jul 14 Dumbfuck...flagged n reposted

Jul 14 Race war (vb)

1000 Jul 14 Sheep, Wolves and Sheep Dogs 1000 (HR) pic

Jul 14 Re No matter how much lipstick

Jul 14 Not a repost...for dumbfuck

Jul 14 Comedian? Artist? Debater? No just dipshit

Jul 14 Dumbfuck's idea of an original thought

Jul 14 Re minimind

Jul 14 turned racist (tidewater)

Jul 14 Yoda is from Dagobah pic

Jul 14 re The future of the world and beyond-If history is correct, we screw (va.)

Jul 14 More white entitlement-Damn shame-They in the Pacific (Hawaaiian people)

Jul 14 White entitlement-Coming to a country near

Jul 14 Just in-Bush war cost 1.2 trillion-Obama gets blame-Programs (VA) pic

Jul 14 re: the futrue-If Yoda knows like I know, he would

Jul 14 re: the futrue and beyond-Look who is pissed!!lo (VA) pic

Jul 14 Re: The future of the world and beyond pic

Jul 14 Professor Mastermind (Awakened)

Jul 14 The future of the world and beyond-If history is correct, we screwed!

Jul 14 Wikki- (Link provided)

Jul 14 Huff Post- (Here is your link!!!)

28 Jul 14 The Future of America 28 pic

Jul 14 Blacks are committed to excellence

Jul 14 Obama should lay the off of they are not needed pic

Jul 14 Who will be harmed most by amnesty? African-Americans. pic

Jul 14 illegal aliens (country wide)

Jul 14 Repost got flagged by...Dumbfuck changes to

Jul 14 Racist whitey, please,... pic

Jul 14 No matter how much lipstick you put on this pig ---- pic

Jul 14 reRe gay stuff that bothers dumbfuck n co. (va.)

Jul 14 What Obama promised, and what he delivered. (Day----night)


Sun 13 Jul

Jul 13 to: Re to dumbfuck's re to NMA...guess who

Jul 13 Awaken...Jesuits n bk pope

Jul 13 re: RE: Close the borders (It's a catch 22) (VB) pic

Jul 13 RE: National Motorists Association - 34 (Hampton Roads) (Douche)

Jul 13 Re to gay stuff

Jul 13 RE: Close the borders (It's a catch 22) (VB)

Jul 13 REPLY TO: Re gay stuff that bothers dumbfuck n co. (WOW)

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